Entry: bonfire night ! fireworks! Sunday, November 07, 2004


sunday 7th : i cried in the OC again. ugh its just so goood. poppin you'd have been proud! yes! i am capable of feeling emotion! i DO have a heart! then didn't leave the house til 6 as spent the day in my pjs watching more tv and knitting BYF's scarf. left at 6 to ..  shock horror ..  go for a run! in st james' park which i have decided is going to become a regular fixture.

saturday 6th : note to self: do not go shopping on a saturday. it is never a good idea. bonfire night ! fire and fireworks at battersea  park.... lots of fun! i wore my wooly hat and scarf (no gloves. i need a bit of glove action) and drunk mulled wine..  hurrah! being south of the river scared me a little though and i was happy to be on the 77 back.

friday 5th : t thea nack and will's par tay ... the usual naughtiness raging through the night ...  a few fights, some impromtu fireworks... sparker duels... honey flavoured vodka... plenty of drunkards.  followed by full english breakfast at titanic cafe at about 1 the next afternoon. YUM. i love hash browns. they are too good.


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