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well. what can i say. its that time of the monday afternoon when i realise that i could infact be on a plane right now, or at least on my way to LHR, soon to be reuinited with the 'bf' we use this term VERY lightly as you will soon discover. here is the story :

i had planned this secret shh-don't-tell-anyone-trip to see the boy. (who had, lets just put this straight, invited me to thanksgiving chez lui a while ago. we're talking months) I was pretty excited about it, mainly due to my love for sweet potatoes and the idea that i could actaully have a bread bowl of clam chowder and be happy forever and ever . i was told ticket prices (by HIM nonetheless), got told about airplane ticket sales, got advice from friends, and spoke abut it in an excited and secretive way with a glint in my eyes. came up with a plan, and even discussed it with the boy. so it was a plan, a plan that was about to materialse... a very exciting thing indeed. but, then what should happen? apart from ignoring me for the past few weeks, ok maybe days, who cares?, there is a distinct air of 'oh, um trip? what trip? ha haa nervous laughter... talk about something boring and unrelated... i  thought it was a fake trip... sorry you're disinvited'...and these fears were realised when on some rather pointless converesation he let it slip...'oh yea well i didn't realise the table was going to be so full this year'(translation : no room for you here. what were you thinking?) now this is a conversation that ended with something like 'sorry i have to go and mop my kitchen floor now' ... can this be right? or were my ears deceiving me? sadly no. this fairy isn't good enough, it would seem, for their unextendable table, not even to be shunted off to sit with the help. and placed quite unashamedly beneath 'mopping' as a priority.

so there is its kids.. the second disinvitation from him. what should i do? should i listen to mrs crock (aka the mummet) and kick him to the curb? or should i just pretend like its all ok, and go 'la-la-la' ? its interactive time here at nonsensepoetry... vote away and make my decision for me!

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November 23, 2004   08:58 AM PST
..oh, and GET RID
November 23, 2004   08:58 AM PST
Knob Jockey? Flakey Twat? Wierd Penchant for Cleaning?

Yes, yes and probably yes!
November 22, 2004   01:59 PM PST
i voted

what a knob jockey
November 22, 2004   01:58 PM PST
4 but I like 2,
I did not like how he choose a mop over the nic nic

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