Entry: completely heartbroken. sad, and crying real tears. Thursday, November 25, 2004

its all in the title guys. its all in the title.

ok, so i know i've been joking about it, but i never thought, or even entertained the notion of actually breaking up with the boy. because i loved him and when you love someone its with all your heart and you do whatever you can. but apparently maybe not.

turns out, the thanksgiving incident was a tip-of-the-iceberg affair with the rather brutal truth coming out in email form that lacked even the decency of a title. yes. he is in love with his ex girl friend and he never loved me because apparently he can't.

so there we go. the short version.

recieving that in my inbox, was, as you can imagine, a joy. and it suddenly occured to me. there is nothing more hurtful then someone telling you they don't love you. is there? no. i don't think so. ok, besides someone dying, obviously.

i think 'i don't love you' is the saddest thing you can have someone say. especially if you do, not in a say-all-the-time-but-don't-mean-it way, but in a John Donne poem way. yea. i know.

sleepy little fairy says:

like really, you give you heart to someone and they just rip it out and trample on it

Camille says:

i know, unfortunately there is not much to do about it

Camille says:

besides finding a subsitute

sleepy little fairy says:


Camille says:

or symbolic compensations: like work, shopping or eating disorders

Camille says:

not to mention drugs

Camille says:

           self indulgence seems the best solution


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